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Anxiety Solutions For Dogs

Just like people, dogs & cats can experience anxieties and fears.  You will certainly notice a change in their behavior, finding they engage in repetitive or displacement actions to relieve their stress, just as you and I might bite our nails, or pace around a room.

At Grateful Dog Bakery, we carry and promote holistic and safe treatments to help with your dog or cat's anxiety.  We have a few of our products online, and sometimes we may stock more solutions in store.  Stop by and talk to us about a product to help your pet feel relaxed during stressful times.


The Grateful Dog Bakery
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Monday-Friday 10AM-7PM
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At The Grateful Dog Bakery, our priority is to serve your pet's nutritional needs by carrying an extensive line of natural and holistic foods, natural supplements, vitamins, tinctures and more: for both cats and dogs.

Our bakery features all natural freshly handmade canine treats and desserts. We want you to feel good about what you feed your pet... all of our ingredients are sourced from local farms if we didn't grow them ourselves on our own sustainable farm!

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