The Grateful Dog Bakery

Calming Plug-in Diffuser

100% natural calming diffuser, ideal for pets who get easily stressed from being left at home alone, loud noises outside, visitors to the house or many other factors. Starts to work immediately.

Clinically proven & natural way of tackling stress and anxiety for your pets. The special Pet Remedy formula works as a natural relaxation and helps calm anxious or stressed pets. Pet Remedy is not a veterinary medicine. Valerian, Vetiver, Basil and Sage have been used for thousands of years to assist with calming.

  • Ideal for all household pets

  • Clinically proven to calm pets without sedating

  • Coverage up to 60m2 (650 sq ft)

  • Only 5 watts so cost effective to run

  • Can be used alongside Pet Remedy sprays

  • Slowly releases into the surrounding area

  • Calms your pet without sedating

  • Lasts up to 8 weeks, and refills available


The Grateful Dog Bakery
31966 Center Ridge Road
North Ridgeville, OH 44039
(440) 353-1990

Store Hours:
Monday-Friday 10AM-7PM
Saturday & Sunday 10AM-5PM

At The Grateful Dog Bakery, our priority is to serve your pet's nutritional needs by carrying an extensive line of natural and holistic foods, natural supplements, vitamins, tinctures and more: for both cats and dogs.

Our bakery features all natural freshly handmade canine treats and desserts. We want you to feel good about what you feed your pet... all of our ingredients are sourced from local farms if we didn't grow them ourselves on our own sustainable farm!

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