The Grateful Dog Bakery

 It's true....we like to brag about the organic local
ingredients we use for our hand made dog treats, and the local produce we grow or buy when it's in season.  
Did you know we also use local cage free eggs for  all of our recipes?  

How local?  

Why...Right out back!  

We have 2 roosters and 24 hens that do their part to keep our ingredients fresh and local. We feed our chickens a vegetarian diet, a combination of layer mash and whatever is ripe in the garden. We have too many predators in the neighborhood to let the chickens free range, instead we use electrified poultry netting. It's light and easy to move, so we move the girls to fresh ground every few weeks.  

Folks have asked if we slaughter and eat our chickens after their egg laying days are over, the answer is no. Our chickens die of old age, because even if they aren't laying eggs they do make their contribution to the compost pile for the garden. Chickens have their own social structure, and they are fun to watch as they go about their daily business.  

We are hoping one of the girls is in the mood to raise some chicks this spring, making our flock self sustaining. We will keep you updated and post pictures of any babies we get!

Written by (Grateful Dog Bakery) — March 27, 2014

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At The Grateful Dog Bakery, our priority is to serve your pet's nutritional needs by carrying an extensive line of natural and holistic foods, natural supplements, vitamins, tinctures and more: for both cats and dogs.

Our bakery features all natural freshly handmade canine treats and desserts. We want you to feel good about what you feed your pet... all of our ingredients are sourced from local farms if we didn't grow them ourselves on our own sustainable farm!

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