The Grateful Dog Bakery

Meet the Bakers:

Karl and Jennifer Baker met through animal rescue. They have 2 golden retrievers, Ophelia and Magic, and Dash and Sylvia the standard poodles. As the owners of Grateful Dog Bakery, they are thrilled to have the opportunity to do what they love, working with dogs and providing the healthy food and treats pets need to live full and healthy lives. 

Our team also includes Travis Raymond, our manager. Travis and Jennifer have completed the Masters Class in Nutrition through the Science Dog.

We are all here to answer any nutritional questions you may have for your pup or kitty!


Hello! I'm Jennifer Baker. I have been a Registered Nurse since 1988. My interest in healthy treats and food for my pets started when I had a dog with health problems. Jabroney, a rot/lab mix we adopted as a puppy from the local ASPCA in 2000, had skin problems from the time he was about a year old. Itching and scratching, rashes and hot spots. Poor Jabroney was a frequent visitor to our vet, and spent the first 6 years of his life on steroids, antibiotics and Benadryl. Then, in 2006 while waiting for a vet appt, I read an article about food allergies in Dog Fancy magazine. The article perfectly described Jabroney's symptoms. During the appointment, I asked the vet about food allergies, her comment was "I guess it could be. Try changing his food." As we left with prescriptions for more steroids and antibiotics I was determined to find out all I could about food allergies. The information was eye opening, to say the least. I was feeding a commercial product at the time, the main ingredient was corn.

I switched Jabroney to a grain free dog food, and he never needed Benadryl or steroids again. Jabroney crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 11.That was 2 years ago, and I can't help but wonder if he would have lived a longer, healthier life if he had had better nutrition from puppyhood.


Hi There! I'm Karl Baker. Before I met Jennifer I had two Golden Retrievers, Buddy and Belle. I've lived in North Ridgeville since 1993 and when the original owner opened this Bakery, my pups and I were regular customers. We would visit every Sunday to stock up on treats, as well as attending events there. Golden Retrievers are very prone to cancer, and mine are no exception. Buddy had a boney tumor removed last year that was thankfully benign. My first Golden, Duke, died of cancer in 2002. Makes me question if this tendency is genetic, environmental or related to diet, or a combination of all three. I am constantly reading up on the benefits of the right nutrition for our dogs, and I want to share my knowledge with you so you can help keep your pup as healthy as possible.



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The Grateful Dog Bakery
33101 Center Ridge Road
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Store Hours:
Monday-Friday 10AM-7PM
Saturday & Sunday 10AM-5PM

At The Grateful Dog Bakery, our priority is to serve your pet's nutritional needs by carrying an extensive line of natural and holistic foods, natural supplements, vitamins, tinctures and more: for both cats and dogs.

Our bakery features all natural freshly handmade canine treats and desserts. We want you to feel good about what you feed your pet... all of our ingredients are sourced from local farms if we didn't grow them ourselves on our own sustainable farm!

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