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Healthy Dogma Flee Flea Flee

Healthy Dogma Flee Flea Flee- 8oz containter

An oral supplement made of garlic, kelp and yeast. The ingredients combine to make your dog taste bad to fleas and ticks. The benefits of kelp, a nutrient dense seaweed, go beyond flea and tick prevention. Kelp also contains over 60 minerals and traces elements, 21 amino acids, both simple and complex carbohydrates and several essential plant growth hormones.

This is dosed by weight, for a 50-80 lb dog the 8 oz container is a 2 month supply. You should start this product prior to flea and tick season to allow it time to build up in the system. If you are starting it late in the season you can use a topical spray for extra protection.


Directions: Sprinkle directly over food. Feed the following amounts once daily.

Suggested daily use by weight:

10-30 pounds                          ½ teaspoon

30-80 pounds                          1 teaspoon

80+ pounds                             1 ¼ teaspoon



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